A small introduction about my self

Sudin Baraokar

Industry Expert, Global IT & Innovation Advisor, CIO

Sudin Baraokar is an Emerging Tech Serial Innovator and collaborator having served in SBI, Barclays, IBM and GE as Head of Innovation and VP/CIO and Senior Technology Advisory Roles and AI Engineer and Digital Transformation Advisor. Currently serves as IT and Innovation Advisor to Global Banks and Fintechs and Chairs the Bankchain Alliance which is established to collaborate and co-develop Blockchain and Emerging Tech Solutions for 30+ Global Banks.

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Recent Awards Won

ET CIO Award for Technology Leadership

Mar 2018 (HYD)

ELETS BFSI Award for IT Leadership

May 2017 (Mumbai)

SKOCH IT Innovation Award for AI

Dec 2017 (Delhi)

CSI IT Innovation Leadership

Nov 2017 (Mumbai)

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